Find Router IP Address

To open the router settings, you will need to enter an administrator username and password. Also, for this you need the IP address of the router. Open this page to find your router’s IP address. An IP address is an unique address for a network device. It consists of four groups of numbers. Usually by default routers have the following addresses: or The methods for determining the IP address vary depending on the type of your network device. Below are listed the common ones.

Microsoft Windows

Run the search and enter the command "cmd". Once launched, you will see a black window with a command prompt. It is necessary to enter the command "ipconfig". You need information about the gateway address.

Apple macOS

  • Go to Settings
  • Network
  • Advanced
  • Select TCP/IP tab You will get IP address

GNU Linux

First you need to run the terminal application. You can find it in applications or try shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T. Once launched, type command "ifconfig". Then see line starting "inet".

Apple iPhone

  • Open the Settings and select the "Wi-Fi" section
  • Find the name of your Wi-Fi network and tap on the button (i)
  • Look for line Router

Google Android

  • Open the "Settings" and go to "Network & Internet"
  • Select "Wi-Fi" item
  • Tap on the network name you are connected now
  • Look up for item "Gateway"

Google Chrome OS

The simplest way is to type chrome://system in the browser and then expand ifconfig section.

Or follow next steps:

  • click the status area in right corner
  • select Wi-Fi network
  • tap on the network name you are connected now
  • click tab Network and look up for Gateway

Router Username and Password List